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October 2024

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12234 Panama City Beach Parkway

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Panama City Beach, FL 32407

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Backsplash, kitchen island kick surface, LVP floor; light fixtures

Backsplash & LVP floor

Backsplash & wood floors; light fixtures

Glass Mosaic Wall, Shellstone floor; light fixtures

Wood floor, brick walls & barrel ceiling; light fixture

Shower & light fixtures

Wall & floor; mirror & light fixture

Outdoor Wall Tile

Walls & floors; mirror

Walls & floors; mirror & light fixture

Walls & floors; mirror & light fixture

Glass backsplash & light fixtures

Shower, tile floor & light fixtures

Fireplace, wood floors; fans & lights

Fireplace, wood stairs, LVP floors & mosaic alcove; fans & lights

Faux Grass & Pavers

Raise Pedestal System with Pavers (rooftop or lift access areas)